New Web Application


A few weeks ago we rolled out a new web application that will let you search your checkin’s history.

Multiple customers have requested this feature, we invite everyone to try it. In order to login for first time in you need to ask for a login link to Suttna. @suttna login will do the work. Suttna will send you a special link for you that can be used to access the web application for the first time.

The new application will show you all the checkin events that are associated with the checkins you are participant of.

You can filter the events by the checkin they belong to and the time that the event happened. It’s also possible to filter the events and get information from a specific person. This can be useful when trying to figure out what you or other team member have done in a give time period.

This is just the begging of our web application. We want to get feedback from our users and improve based on that. Any feedback will be more than welcome so please, write to the team at [email protected] if you have anything to say.