Introducing Threads


We are really proud to announce that Suttna now supports threads 😌

When we started building Suttna, our main goal was to let users configure everything without leaving their messaging client.

Having that in mind, our first idea was to create a subset of dialogs where users would be able to just start a conversation running a command (e.g. @suttna configure) and Suttna will guide them according to what they wanted to do.

Excelent Idea

One of the aspects that we didn’t thought at first was, how much distraction Suttna can create on a particular channel? How can we avoid distracting team members?

Why should I get 20 message notifications if I’m not even configuring a checkin, right? 🤯

Now that Suttna has a few months running checkins for companies around the globe, we understood that bot conversations are nice, buuut that they can be a bit annoying (just a bit 😅).

So we started collecting feedback from several accounts and decided that it was time to fix it.

Most users asked for a new config option to prevent Suttna messaging the channel right after a user finishes answering their questions, so all the summaries would be posted to the channel only once when the checkin finishes, but that was a solution for only one scenario, what about commands like @suttna configure for example? that would still trigger a notification for each new message.


After thinking about other solutions, we decided to use threads (both messaging clients Slack and MS Teams support them). Suttna will create a new thread when entering a command and continue the conversation right there. This new flow won’t generate message notifications and won’t send too many messages to the group channel, much better of course.

But it wasn’t all a bed of roses, the Slack connector (botbuilder-slack) that we’ve built for Microsoft Botbuilder didn’t support threads, obviously that didn’t last too much, one week after our connector supports them 😍. Check out here all of our contributions

We love to improve constantly, and your opinion really matter to us! (threads wasn’t an exception).

Any feedback will be more than welcome so please, write to the team at [email protected] if you have anything to say.